Star Zoom

Current: 1.1 rev 1412160900, 16 December 2014


  • Instantly delivers high resolution images - no slow buffering or blurred images
  • Huge image sizes - supports images over 100 megapixels
  • No server programming required - add a single script to your website in minutes
  • Excellent browser compatibility - tablets, mobiles and legacy browsers (even IE6)
  • Pinch-zoom and touch scrolling - makes full use touch-enabled devices like iPad
  • Unlimited zooms on page - no need to alter or compromise your side design
  • Fast, smooth scrolling and zoom - looks great
  • Uses negligible server resources - server agnostic too, Windows, Linux, PHP, ASP, Java etc.
  • JavaScript developer's API - take control

Instantaneous pan and variable zoom for super-high resolution images.


Browsers and devices
  • Touch-enabled
  • Works with jQuery versions 1.4.3 - Latest
  • Works inside modal plugins like Fancy Box*
*Fancy box is available separately here.

Gallery and Waypoints

This example demonstrates two powerful features:

  • Gallery allows any clickable element to load a new image into Star Zoom
  • Waypoints allow any clickable element to zoom and pan to a desired point in the image