Cloud Zoom WooCommerce Module

We have created a WooCommerce module to make it easier to use Cloud Zoom in your product pages.

It replaces the standard WooCommerce zoom with Cloud Zoom. It also adds Cloud Zoom gallery functionality when more than one image is associated with the product or product variation images are used.

It might also work with other third party plugins that change the product image, but this cannot be guaranteed.

The module will also allow you to use Cloud Zoom in regular WordPress posts. See 'Using Cloud Zoom in WordPress Posts' in the WordPress page.

Note: the WooCommerce module is only for the new Cloud Zoom V2.0 or newer.

Integrating Cloud Zoom WooCommerce Module

  1. Download either a trial or commercial version of Cloud Zoom V2.0 (or newer)
  2. Extract the downloaded file, ''. You should end up with a folder called 'cloudzoom'
  3. Download a copy of the Cloud Zoom WooCommerce module, ''
  4. Create a folder called 'cloudzoom-woocommerce' in your '/wp-content/plugins' directory
  5. Extract '' into your 'cloudzoom-woocommerce' folder
  6. Copy the contents of your 'cloudzoom' folder, into the empty 'cloudzoom' folder found inside '/wp-content/plugins/cloudzoom-woocommerce'
  7. Activate the module in the usual way via the WordPress plugins section

Using Cloud Zoom with Products

  1. Create a product and add a featured image
  2. Save the product and preview it - Cloud Zoom should now be working on your product

Product variation images will also be zoomed with Cloud Zoom inside the featured image area.

Additional product images will be displayed in the usual thumbnail format, but clicking on a thumbnail will now make a new zoomable image to be loaded inside the featured image area. The featured image will also automatically be added as an additional thumbnail if additional images are present. now accepts payments in Bitcoin, we do too.