Professional JavaScript Plugins and Modules

Forward thinking JavaScript code for responsive websites and touch-enabled devices.

(Nostalgia mode built in for legacy support of antique browsers like IE7 & 8)

Bling3D Screen Grab

Bling3D - New Product for 2016!

Create brilliant real 3D interfaces using just HTML.

Using the power of WebGL, Bling3D transforms your regular HTML markup into the 3D realm.



Good Company

Our plugins enhance thousands of websites all over the world, from the smallest web stores to major retail brands, non-profit organisations, scientific, mapping and art heritage sites.

While we do the plugin tinkering, you can better utilise your development resources on other aspects of your projects.

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Our plugins ensure that the vast majority of your site visitors get the same brilliant experience, regardless of the browser or device that they're using.

Latest jQuery Guarantee

It's frustrating when a new jQuery release breaks things.

That's why we ensure updates are always available that play nicely with the newest jQuery releases, so you can upgrade when you want.

Also compatible right back to jQuery version 1.4.3.

Plugins guaranateed jQuery compatable brand logos Plugins guaranateed to work in popular browsers

Legacy Browser Support

Much as we would all like to cater solely for the cutting-edge, the harsh reality of web development includes the creaky browsers too.

No one wants IE7 users to feel left out, so legacy browser support comes as standard.

Trials and Technical Support

Trial versions are available to ensure a good fit before purchase.

Low cost commercial licenses include regular updates, prompt bug fixes and technical support.

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Helpdesk Support

With the best will in the world, we can't promise things will always go perfectly smoothly with installation into your project.

We operate an efficient ticket system to ensure any issues are sorted out promptly.