Jet Zoom

Current: 1.1 Rev 1406062037, 6 June 2014

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Jet Zoom is an easy to use jQuery image zoom plugin, designed for unobtrusive zooming on your web pages.


Browsers and devices
  • Touch-enabled
  • Works with fluid/responsive layouts (e.g. Bootstrap)
  • Works with jQuery versions 1.4.3 - Latest, 2.0.3
  • Works with modal plugins like Fancy Box* for big pop-up images
*Fancy box is available separately here.


Responsive and fast, Jet Zoom jQuery image zoom works on all browsers, iPad, iPhone and Android.

  • Smooth and fast - make your images look even more impressive
  • No server programming required - add a single script to your website in minutes
  • Unlimited zooms on page - no need to alter or compromise your side design
  • One and two image modes - best results using two images (one low res, one high res), but can work with a single image (recommended medium res) if required
  • Style lens with CSS - change size, borders, rounded corners, shadows etc.
  • JavaScript developer's API - take control