Cloud Zoom Drupal Module

We have created a Drupal 7 module to make it easier to use the new Cloud Zoom in your Drupal 7 site.

Note: this module is only for the new Cloud Zoom V2.0 or newer.

If you wish to use the old Professor Cloud Cloud Zoom (1.0.x), then you should use the Drupal modules from here.

Integrating Cloud Zoom Drupal 7

  1. Download a copy of the Cloud Zoom Drupal 7 module,
  2. Go to Home->Administration->Modules->Install new module
  3. Use the upload method on the Cloud Zoom module you have previously downloaded
  4. Enable the Star Plugins Cloud Zoom module
  5. in the Structure section, choose a content type that contains an image field
  6. Select Manage Display, and for the the desired image field, choose Star Plugins Cloud Zoom format
  7. Click the cog icon, and you can choose the small image style, zoom image style, and set up the various Cloud Zoom properties
  8. Any image with the appropriate image field type will now have Cloud Zoom functionality

Using a Licensed Copy of Cloud Zoom

If you subsequently obtain a licensed copy of Cloud Zoom, you will need to replace the trial cloudzoom.js file contained in /sites/all/modules/starplugins_cloudzoom/cloudzoom with the cloudzoom.js file from your licensed download package.

Current Limitations

There is no gallery support, but this will be added in due course.

This module is Drupal 7 only, Drupal 6 support to follow.


Thanks to Nicholas Thompson for creating the original Drupal modules.