Cloud Zoom Open Cart Extension

You can now use all the great features of the new Cloud Zoom in your Open Cart store.

It works on all your Open Cart product images and additional images.

Cloud Zoom for Open Cart also works with the Color Box pop-up. Clicking on the image will open up the Color Box pop-up, so you have the best of both worlds.

Note: the Open Cart extension is only for the new Cloud Zoom V2.0 or newer. The old Professor Cloud Cloud Zoom will not work with this extension.

Integrating Cloud Zoom Open Cart Extension

  1. Unzip the Open Cart Extension
  2. Copy the contents of the upload folder into your store root folder.

That's it! Cloud Zoom should now be working on your product images.

If you purchase a Cloud Zoom license, copy the cloudzoom.js file from your licensed download to the catalog\view\javascript\jquery\starplugins-cloudzoom folder